Full flavoured Gourmet Potatoes!

Ideal for Baking, Roasting, Wedges & Chips, Mash and Salads.

Our purpose is to grow our superb full flavoured potatoes in sustainable conditions, rich in nutrients.

Be warned, they are very moreish!

Our commitment is to continue what we have always done, to grow our incredible potatoes with real flavours and beautiful textures, in pristine country conditions, with all the attention and care they deserve.

Kadwell in Crookwell

Kadwell is located at 950 metres above sea level, in the fabulously soil-rich climate of Crookwell in the Southern Uplands, just 2 hours from Sydney and 1 hour from Canberra.

A cold climate with warm days provides plenty of photosynthesis energy. Cool nights allow this energy to be converted into rapid growth. Potato plants draw in the diverse and healthy nutrients from our well drained rich soils.

The Crookwell-Southern Uplands’ exceptionally clean air at this altitude is an added bonus, as are the distinct and sharp seasons as key drivers in our growing process.


20 years ago, we set out to bring flavour back to potatoes!

In 2017, Garry Kadwell was awarded State Champion of NSW Landcare for Leadership in Innovation and Landcare Management Sustainability Practice by the Australian Government, for his considered and ceaseless dedication to creating a sustainable and bountiful Potato farming system.

By dedicating more of our land into conservation, we have actually lifted production outputs.

This, combined with the Southern Uplands climate and the rich beautiful soils around Crookwell, is why our gourmet potatoes are so good.

Our Potatoes

To provide for Restaurants and Farmer’s Markets, we are currently growing these gourmet potato varieties, specifically chosen for their flavour profiles and their ability to thrive in our unique conditions.

We are currently growing:

  • Julia Creme
  • Andean Sunrise
  • Red Blush
  • Prince Henry (65mm and over)
  • Wide range of Chat-sized gourmet potatoes

We have begun sample tasting and we are very excited by what is coming through in 2019!

Our current crops are coming to market now!


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Garry Kadwell  |  0428 402 476

Crookwell Sales and Logistics Office
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Binda NSW 2583

Crookwell Production Office
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