"I never knew potatoes had flavour until yours - AMAZING!"

Truly delicious flavours and textures: this is the whole basis of The Gourmet Potato – a concept from a vision by Wentworth Hill in 1995 that ‘from nature’s best comes nature’s best’ – a rarity in today’s world of industrial farming and mass market supply. It is from this concept that we have set out to bring the best to people who appreciate really delicious produce with wonderful flavours and textures that are so moreish.

“I didn’t like potatoes until your potatoes.”


“Best potatoes I have ever had.”


The Gourmet Potato Hill combines the extraordinary skills of two Hill families. One Hill family that is remarkable in its growing skills in those magnificent basalt soils of Wildes Meadow and Robertson in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The other Hill family that is exceptional in understanding of the flavours and textures of potatoes and how best to marry those to people’s needs and wants of high quality, truly delicious food.

Today, The Gourmet Potato Hillis setting a standard for providing the best of the best – as the legendary chef Neil Perry stated: “21 out of 20. The Best Potatoes in Australia.” This is a new benchmark in appreciation we are incredibly proud of. That pride is further enhanced by the wonderful appreciation of Lennox Hastie:  “Amazing integrity of flavour and integrity of texture.”

“21 out of 20. The Best Potatoes in Australia.”

Neil Perry

“Amazing integrity of flavour and integrity of texture.”

Lennox Hastie

Our potatoes truly are different in flavour and texture and thus the way you cook which is to focus on drawing out their delicious flavours. This is why we constantly and regularly receive from our customers comments such as:

“I love your potatoes”

“I didn’t like potatoes until your potatoes”

“Yours taste like the ones from Denmark – I have finally found fabulous potatoes.”

“ Best potatoes I have ever had.”

“The last batch you gave me did not even need dressing for a salad as so much flavour in them”

“Your potatoes don’t last – because we eat them so fast. My children now really like
potatoes. My children’s friends say our potatoes are great.”

People ask us why our potatoes taste so different to anything else they have tried or known before.

“Our potatoes are bursting with true flavours drawn from soils full of rich organic matter”

“We test, test and test for flavour, texture and how best to cook these fabulous potatoes.”

Annette Hill